Become A Retailer

What is the RRP?

 A full size Parfum is RRP $69.95 and a refill is RRP $39.95 

What is the minimum order value?

Initial orders start at $600 + GST + Shipping

What is included in the starter packs?

We have two starter packs available 

Parfum Pack: which includes x3 units of each of the 6 Parfum fragrances, plus x1 additional Parfum and x5 refills as testers = $629.10 + gst + $12 flat rate shipping 
- x6 premium fragrances using high quality botanical ingredients, housed in a custom-weighted alloy vessel; reusable and compatible with Odesse Refills. 
Meet Odesse Pack: which includes x3 Parfum & x3 Refills of each of the 6 fragrances, plus x1 additional Parfum and x5 refills as testers = $988.20 + gst + $12 flat rate shipping 
- Refills come housed in a recyclable outer packaging, and set in an aluminium pan that magnetically slips into the main vessel. 
Where are the products made?

Odesse is proudly Australian made and owned 

How do i become a retailer?

Sign up for a wholesale account here. Otherwise if you're already a member click here to place a top up order. 

How long does it last?

The 4ml aluminum pan itself should last 4-6 months with daily use. In terms of fragrance projection on the skin, fragrances will vary from scent to scent, due to the fragrance notes. 

How do you apply it?

Simply use your fingertips to heat up in balm in a circular motions then apply it to your neck, wrists and behind your ears.  

How do i know if another retailer in my area stocks Odesse?

Feel free to check out our current stockists here

How do you refill it?

Simply open the refill box, open the reusable vessel and remove your much-loved

parfum pan. Remember, you can recycle this too. Then pop in the new pan.