Perfume, but not as you know it

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I've never done this before. What's Solide Parfum?

Be careful you might just fall in love. Solide Parfum is wax-based perfume best applied with your fingertips there and there. odesse small enough to fit anywhere her fragrances are intoxicating make blush. other words she here steal from traditional spray perfume.

What does Odesse have that traditional spray perfumes don't?

Other than everything? Okay, here are three of her most popular traits.

    1. Odesse is perfume, reimagined. The solid formula is applied with fingertips to the pulse points of the body.
    2. She’s wax-based — not water-based — and she isn’t filled with cheap alcohol. She doesn’t need to drink to have fun.
    3. She’s 80% smaller than traditional perfume. Her favourite ways to travel? By pocket, handbag and private plane.
Is Odesse made from sugar and spice all things nice?

In a way, yes. But she gets her sugar and spice from botanicals, like Bees Wax, Caster Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil. We don’t spike her with anything else.

Odesse would never test on animals, would she?

No. And she doesn’t associate with anyone that does, either.